Biology 191, AMP: Phage Hunters

Professor: Sarah Elgin


A research-based laboratory class for first year students. Students join a national experiment organized by HHMI, with the goal of isolating and characterizing bacteriophage viruses found in the soil in the St. Louis area. Laboratory work includes isolation and purification of your own phage, DNA isolation and restriction mapping, and EM characterization of your phage. Several WU phage are selected for genome sequencing over winter break, and are annotated in the spring in Bio 192, Phage Bioinformatics. Students who successfully isolate and annotate a phage may become co-authors on a scientific paper. Prereqs: High school courses in biology and chemistry, at least one at the AP or International Baccalaureate level; permission of the instructor, and admission to the Phage Hunters FOCUS program. Limited to 40 students. One hour lecture, one hour discussion, and 3 hrs lab per week.

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