Biology 1810 First Year Seminar in Imaging Sciences

Coursemaster: Yehuda Ben-Shahar
Support staff: Michele Felton

Biology 1810 is designed to acquaint prospective Life Sciences majors with various fields of research in imaging sciences within the Department of Biology and related departments in the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Medicine and Engineering. If you have any questions concerning Biology 1810, please do not hesitate to talk with Dr. Ben-Shahar before or after class or make an appointment. By email, use Bio 1810 or ISP Seminar in the subject line.

DESCRIPTION: The course consists of a series of 14 class meetings. The majority of the meetings will be research lectures given by different faculty members on topics in imaging sciences related to their specific research interest. One meeting will include lectures by Bio 500 (research for credit) students on their undergraduate research projects. One meeting will be a discussion of how grants are obtained and the review process for research articles.  There will also be “field trips” to the Medical School as well as to the Danforth campus Imaging facility for hands on imaging demonstrations.  You will be required to write two short papers covering lectures of your choice. Lectures are held Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:00pm in Life Sciences Room 310. Credit for the course is 1 unit PASS/FAIL only. No letter grades will be issued. This does not interfere with your ability to take another Cr/NCr course.

Consult the course webpage  for up-to-date lecture schedule, the PDFs for readings, and background information on each of the speakers. If you need assistance please contact Michele Felton at

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