Fall Semester 2021 Biology 181
First-Year Opportunity: Introduction to Cutting-Edge Research in Biology

Canvas Webpages for Fall Semester 2021 Biology 181
This course is also cross-listed as First-Year Programs (FYP) 181.
Biology (BIOL) 181 is the same course as FYP 181.
The only difference is which department, BIOL or FYP, is listed on your transcript for the course.

Professor: Paul S.G. Stein

Teaching Assistant: Arjan Kalral

Teaching Assistant: Hasan Salim
Email: hasan.salim@wustl.edu

A lecture course intended for first-year students contemplating a major in biology. Each week active researchers describe the biological context of their research, the specific questions they have formulated, the means by which they pursue the answers, and their data and conclusions. Students are expected to attend all lectures. For additional information about the course see the Fall 2021 Bio 181 Canvas webpages.

Lectures can be attended either synchronously or asynchronously. Students who attend the real-time synchronous lecture on-line via Zoom will be able to interact directly with the speaker orally or via the chat box. Each lecture will be recorded. After each lecture is over, students will be able to view the recorded lecture asynchronously via the Zoom section of the course website on Canvas. Students are encouraged to take written notes when viewing each lecture. Class notes will assist in five of the six written assignments.

Students will have six written assignments:

  1. three 1-page Reflections that summarize a speaker's talk and discuss the implications of the speaker's research;
  2. two 2-4 page Short Papers that summarize a speaker's talk, discuss 2 PDFs that are associated with each speaker's talk, and suggest new experiments in the speaker's field; and
  3. one 1-page Autobiographical Information assignment.

Must be taken Credit/No Credit. A letter grade is not an option. For first-year non-transfer students only. There are no exams in the course. Medium-sized class. Credit 1 unit. Fall Semester, Tuesdays, 3:30PM-4:45PM. Synchronous live lectures will be given on-line via Zoom. Asynchronous recorded lectures will also be available.

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